The articles in the Ideas category aim to make you think different. Think different to boost creativity and take bold steps to improve your marketing results.

Most marketing (and sales, and customer support, and…) teams aim for a 10% month-over-month growth in key metrics.

Let’s get 10% more leads, 10% more cold calls, a 10% improvement in feedback scores…

The problem with 10% growth goals is that they nearly always fail to inspire. 10% seems attainable without a huge effort, by improving the current processes. In the end, no big steps are taken to bring about a significant improvement.

Another issue with 10% is that when it fails, the difference is so small it doesn’t deserve further investigation. Achieving 0-5% growth instead of 10% every month means no growth in the long term.

What if you aimed for 10x growth in results every 3 months instead? ??

Ambitious long-term goals make us think out of the box and inspire to go through complicated changes with real impact.

Brands won’t redesign a poorly-performing website when aiming for a 10% growth in sales. They do it when aspiring to bigger goals.

Here’s a challenge: when thinking how you could improve your team’s results, instead of being “reasonable”, dream big.

Think what you’d do if you had to 10x the results in 3 months with an extra 100% budget.
Think how you’d run your team if their (& your) jobs depended on getting the 10x results.
You won’t discover new tricks when playing by the old rules. So, change the game.