about aggregate blog

This blog’s dedicated to all the marketers looking for actionable insights and hacks for faster growth and higher advertising ROI.

We’re dedicated to publishing only high-quality articles on Facebook advertising and growth marketing with data to prove the point and examples to get you inspired.

In the past 8 months, this blog’s readership has grown from 0 to 60 000+ monthly visitors.


Q1: Who’s the author?

The blog is authored by Karola Karlson, a growth marketer fascinated by Facebook advertising, graphic design, and  copywriting. You can read more about Karola here.


Q2: Why are you running this blog?

This blog started as a personal branding project. While it still servers as such, the main goal has shifted to publishing in-depth articles on marketing topics that are poorly covered.

There are only a handful of blogs writing about Facebook advertising, many of them written by freelancers with no real experience. My goal is to grow Aggregate blog into a leading publication around Facebook advertising and share actionable expert advice that can’t be found elsewhere.


Q3: Do you accept guest contributors?

In theory, we do accept guest contributions.

In practice, 95% of the time we’re obliged to decline the guest blogging pitches as they do not meet our standards.

We only publish original in-depth articles that are based on the author’s own experience and contribute new original ideas to the ocean of content out there. Yes, we mentioned “original” twice intentionally. It’s super important for us to keep up the quality.

Want to become a contributor? Read more here.


Q4: Can I advertise in this blog?

We do not offer native advertising nor do we promote products we don’t believe in (or that are irrelevant to this blog’s audience). We may occasionally help spread the word about cool startups.


Q5: What’s up with the unicorns?

They’re not unicorns, but ponycorns. Pony + unicorn. 🐴

All designs in this blog are made by Karola as a graphic design learning project.


Q6: How do you do SEO?

We’re following a simple rule: Write in-depth articles that are truly twice as good as any other article on the topic. Mostly, it works. Many of the articles in this blog are outranking content in the top marketing blogs.

You can read more about the SEO hacks we use here.


Q7: How can I contact you?

For contact details, check out the Contact page or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Q8: I like this blog. How can I help?

If you think an article is worth sharing, do share. That’s the best way to spread the word.

We also accept guest contributions, although only the creme de la creme of them. 😉