People love GIFs.

And marketers know it.

Recently, GIFs have made a comeback in social media posts, blog articles, email newsletters, messenger conversations, and even corporate Slack channels.

Including GIFs in your articles and tweets can help to increase both the average engagement and the number of shares.

The only headache with GIFs is that when time comes, it’s difficult to find the suitable animations that alig with your message.

So, whatcha gonna do?

For one, you could go hunting for GIFs on your own, starting with these sites:

If you’re too lazy for that, you can simply bookmark this article for future reference and use these 35 emotional GIFs across your marketing campaigns and ad designs. Depending on your love for GIFs, this list should get you through a couple of months! ?

P.S. If you also dig into emojis, check out this list: The Very Best Emojis to Apply in Marketing Campaigns


For the times you feel like the world’s your oyster…


For the moments you recall forgetting to instagram your amazing-looking breakfast. Too late, it’s a mess now…




Whenever you’re having trouble understanding why someone doesn’t love ping pong or caramel lattes…

Shy / Embarrassed

For the moments you’re feeling like the world’s sooo confusing…



For when you come out of those embarrassing moments by keeping your cool…


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