Facebook Ads Consulting

Want to improve your Facebook ad results?

Get a consultation that results in a new campaign setup and ad creatives that deliver 2x – 10x lower CPAs.

facebook ads consulting

Facebook advertising consulting

Facebook ad campaign review + management

Most of the time, companies hire me to review their ongoing Facebook campaigns and suggest improvements. We create new ad campaign structure, new creatives, and set live new ad campaigns that deliver better results. This can be a one-off or ongoing collaboration.

I am open to working with eCommerce stores, SaaS companies, and mobile application developers with a monthly ad spend $20,000 or higher.

I do not work with companies providing loans, selling crypto, dropshipping and other projects with questionable value to society.

10x your Facebook ad results

There is a HUGE difference between running 1-2 basic ad campaigns vs having a Facebook ad strategy that supports your marketing funnel.

Let’s turn your Facebook ad campaigns into a multi-step marketing funnel with customized ad types, placements, and creatives.

Like this. šŸ‘‡

facebook ads consulting

Get ad creatives that follow all the best practices and trends

When scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, most of the ads you see are underperforming because of wrong measurements, non-converting copy, low-quality images…

Don’t make the same mistake.

After researching 1,000+ Facebook ad examples, I’ve got a pretty decent overview of what’s working.

Text in the ad image.
Custom creatives for all placements.
Fast-paced video ads.
And A LOT more …

Here are some examples of the ads I have helped my clients to create.

Facebook ad example
Facebook ad example
Facebook ad example

It’s a very simple process

No interns or juniors.

You’ll be working with a consultant who has experience with both $1,000 and 5-figure monthly Facebook ad budgets and has worked with all types of Facebook & Instagram ads.

I have worked with advertisers with e-commerce, SaaS, B2B, and mobile app products.

Read more about my past experience here.

The timeline from the 1st call to new Facebook ad campaigns is around 2 weeks.

Step 1: Research

We’ll start by defining the KPIs and results you’re looking for. “What you want to achieve with Facebook ads?” and “Who is your target audience?” ā€“ and will research your current marketing strategy.

We’ll also look into what your competition is doing & analyze other industry best practices.

Based on this, you’ll get a Facebook ad campaign strategy and after we’ve reviewed it together, will proceed to work on the ad creatives.

Facebook ads consultation

Step 2: Ad creatives

You will get suggestions for the best ad types per campaign, copywriting for the ads, correct ad sizes for all placements, and which designs to use.

We will create both image and video ads for Facebook and Instagram placements.

If you have an in-house design team, they can design the ad creatives based on suggestions. If you do not have designers, I will design the ads myself.

If you’d like, we can also set up A/B tests to find the best-performing ad creatives.

Here’s an example of Instagram Story ads from a recent collaboration.

Facebook ad example
Facebook ad example
Facebook ad example

Step 3: Campaign setup

Once the ad creatives are ready and confirmed, I will help to create the new Facebook ad campaigns and set them up.

We’ll be monitoring the results closely and making tweaks where needed.

You can take it from there.

And if you don’t have an in-house ad team, I can suggest trustworthy Facebook ad partners to work with.

How to book the consultation?

To hire me as a Facebook advertising consultant, send an email to marketing@karolakarlson.com.

Yours truly,