Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic.

It’s 100% free and it’s based on keywords and search terms highly relevant to your content (and offers).

Many successful businesses have built their entire acquisition strategy on inbound marketing. Over 70% of their sales funnel is powered by organic traffic.

Blogs with up to 3 million monthly visits get most of their website visitors via organic traffic.

blog traffic by sources

Traffic sources for blogs with 1.5m-3m visits in 2015

If you’ve done your keyword research wisely, you can drive thousands of visitors to your website and make them convert to customers.

More organic traffic = more leads = more sales

Up next, you’ll find a cool hack we’ve used many times over, to give out organic search traffic a serious boost. The best thing about it is that it only takes about 2 hours of your time.

?  The hack? – Rewrite all your blog headlines.

Why your headlines matter:

On average, 80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% of them will read the rest.

Your headline decides whether people will read your article or skip it.

This rule doesn’t only apply to your blog and Facebook newsfeed. It also applies on the search engine result pages.

Which one of these search results would you click on? My vote goes for the ones including the word “Magnetic” and promising viral posts.

Google search result example

Top blogs understand that headlines matter.

Better headlines = more clicks = higher CTR = higher search engine rankings

The more people click on your headline, the more Google perceives it as a valuable resource.

How to improve your blog headlines in 2 hours:

For most people, it takes about 2 hours to rewrite all the blog headlines.

To learn how to write a hero headline that has a high click-through rate, see this guide by Single GrainHow to Write Hero Headlines to Skyrocket Click-Through Rates

? Step 1: Find blog posts with the highest organic traffic

If you have 50+ blog posts, use Google Analytics to find your TOP 50 posts bringing the most organic traffic.

Go to Google Analytics > Behavior > Landing Pages, and choose the segment Organic Traffic (it’s pre-set by Google, so you don’t even need to create it)
Segment organic traffic in Google Analytics
Don’t forget to remove the All Users segment.

You now have a list of the best-performing blog content that you’re going to optimize for maximum reach.

Organic traffic sources Google Analytics

? Step 2: Brainstorm headlines

Use a tool like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to brainstorm and test at least 3 different headlines.

headline analyzer
After some trial and error, you’ll get a list of all your ideas to choose from.

improve your blog headlines

? Step 3: Change the headlines

The next step is to go log into your blogging platform and change the headline.

These 2 hours are probably going to be your this month’s highest-ROI marketing activity.

Results & measurement:

After you’ve changed your headlines, you’ll want to check whether it helped to improve your click-through rates.

Not all the headline changes might have a positive impact on your search engine results CTR.

As you check the right reports and notice which new headlines work the best, you can optimize your articles even further.

The easiest way to check your search engine click-through rates (many marketers still don’t know about it) is to use the Google Search Console.

Log in to Google Search Console and go to Search Traffic > Search Analytics.

Filter the report so that it shows Clicks and CTR per Pages that get the most organic traffic.

measure your organic search traffic

What you’re interested in is the CTR of the blog posts with changed headlines.

increase your organic search traffic

Compare two time periods (open in different windows for the best overview): 14 days before the big headline change and 14 days after the change.

Have your click-through rates and search traffic increased? If so, you’ve done a great job! If there’s a negative change, you can always go back and re-write your headlines again.

In my experience, rewriting the headlines is a magnificent way to fix all the boring intros in your blog and get more organic traffic for no big effort.

It’s definitely a bargain for the 2 hours you only need to put into the task.

? Best guides on writing irresistible headlines: