Reading recommendations

Tired of corona news and running out of Netflix shows? Here’s a random collection of essays and other slow reads that came to mind. I will keep updating this as more things come to mind.

The New Yorker profile on Yuval Noah Harari: Yuval Noah Harari’s History of Everyone, Ever

Essay in The Times Literary Supplement on our addiction to documenting our lives in pictures: Visually speaking: The new ubiquity of photographic images

The New Yorker story on the environmental impact of eating meat & the brands working on alternative solutions: Can a Burger Help Solve Climate Change?

An essay from the Purple Magazine’ Brain issue on how plants experience the world through their completely different body structure: Plants Know

Another essay from the same Purple Magazine issue on how our brains have become increasingly wired through technological advancements and globalization: The World Brain

An essay from Frieze on the climate impact of flying (from an art world perspective, but applies to all of us): Can the Art World Kick Its Addiction to Flying?

The New York Times story on the KitKat craze in Japan: In Japan, Kit Kat Isn’t Just a Chocolate. It’s an Obsession

Joan Didion’s Essay from the New York Times’ archive: Why I Write

Interview with Milan Kundera on the purpose of literature and his writing style: Milan Kundera, The Art of Fiction No. 81

What else to browse:

The New York Times’ section covering climate and green topics: Climate and Environment

More essays and interviews from the Purple Magazine: Latest issues

For more literary & anthropological essays: Times Literary Supplement

The interviews section of the Paris Review: Interviews