I was recently asked what makes a marketing blog valuable to its readers.

While I don’t know the exact number, I bet there are thousands of blogs writing about marketing.

So what makes a marketing blog stand out?

For beginners, it’s the in-depth know-how available in the blog. For seasoned marketers, it’s more about the originality of content – is the blog introducing new ideas and hacks?

I decided to list my go-to marketing blogs that, in my humble opinion, publish the best content on their chosen topics.

You’ll find the blogs listed by topics as well as a quick overview (+links) below:

Ideas & inspiration: Contently | Harvard Business Review | Inside Intercom

PPC: KlientBoost | Jon Loomer | AdEspressoWordStream | Kissmetrics

Growth & Analysis: Hiten Shah | ConversionXL | Unbounce | Avinash Kaushik

Content Marketing & SEO: Copyblogger | Ahrefs | Backlinko | Copy Hackers

1. Contently

This blog is about: Content marketing, freelancing, marketing strategy

Why it’s good: Contently differs from traditional marketing blogs in that it’s targeting multiple audiences from content strategists to freelancers. You’ll find smashing insights on many marketing topics, and you’ve just got to love their blog design.

Read first: Weekend Update: Should You Publish Every Day?

best marketing blogs

2. Harvard Business Review

This blog is about: Marketing, psychology, business

Why it’s good: While The Harvard Business Review isn’t exactly a marketing blog, it should be on the weekend reads list of every marketer. This online magazine’s packed with fresh ideas and original research from the world’s Top experts.

Read first: How Marketing Changes When Shopping Is Automated

harvard business review blog

3. Inside Intercom

This blog is about: Growth marketing, startup, product marketing

Why it’s good: Intercom’s blog has a more personal touch — they’re sharing everything across their journey to becoming a popular marketing tool. And their growth mindset is to die for.

Read first: Intercom’s Matt Hodges on Product Marketing

intercom marketing blog

4. KlientBoost

This blog is about: PPC, AdWords, Facebook ads, CRO and landing page design

Why it’s good: Whenever you read on of KlientBoost’s top-shelf PPC guides, you’ll become the Top 1% of marketers knowing this stuff.

Read first: Secrets Revealed: 47 Closely Guarded Facebook Ad Tips

klientboost marketing blog

5. Jon Loomer

This blog is about: The latest Facebook ad news and hacks

Why it’s good: Jon Loomer is unparalleled in his ability to break the hottest Facebook news and publish detailed guides.

Read first: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2016]
jon loomer facebook advertising blog

6. AdEspresso

This blog is about:  Facebook advertising hacks, Twitter marketing, Instagram, everything social media

Why it’s good: The sweetest articles in AdEspresso’s blog are those of their original research. This blog includes all the latest Facebook ads updates together with actionable insights.

Read first: 18 Genius Facebook Ad Hacks for Winning Campaignsadespresso marketing blog

7. WordStream

This blog is about: Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, other varying marketing topics

Why it’s good: WordStream’s blog has existed for a while, so they have guides on any PPC topic imaginable. If you see their article in Google search results, you’ll know it can be trusted.

Read first: The Ultimate Guide to Quality Score: 15 PPC Experts Discuss Google AdWords Quality Score
wordstream marketing blog

8. Kissmetrics

This blog is about: Paid advertising, startup marketing, content marketing, growth

Why it’s good: Like other Top marketing blogs, Kissmetrics rarely lets you down – all their articles are top-notch, containing an in-depth overview on a given topic.

Read first: The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

kissmetrics marketing blog

9. Hiten Shah

This blog is about: Growth marketing, SaaS marketing

Why it’s good: Hiten Shah has built up multiple multi-billion companies, including Kissmetrics. Now, he’s sharing the hacks and ideas that have worked for him. You’ll get an original account on many fascinating topics.

Read first: How to Focus When You’re Overwhelmed By Marketing Options

hiten shah blog

10. ConversionXL

This blog is about: Conversion rate optimization (CRO), paid advertising, growth

Why it’s good: Run by Peep Laja, every article in the ConversionXL blog is guaranteed to be on-point and dense with marketing research.

Read first: The Complete Conversion Optimization Guide

conversionxl marketing blog11. Unbounce

This blog is about: Landing page optimization, marketing trends, Unbounce’s marketing journey

Why it’s good: Unbounce blog in the best resource for learning about CRO and building beautiful landing pages. If you want to convert more visitors into customers, read the blog.

Read first: A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

unbounce blog

12. Avinash Kaushik

This blog is about: Google Analytics, reporting, digital marketing

Why it’s good: Avinash Kaushik is Google’s evangelist. He’s the guy who knows everything about Google Analytics and reporting hacks. And he’s sharing it all in his blog.

Read first: Measuring Online Engagement: What Role Does Web Analytics Play?

avinash kaushik blog
12. Copyblogger

This blog is about: Content marketing, copywriting, consumer psychology

Why it’s good: If there’s one blog that consolidates all the copywriting goodness in the web, it’s Copyblogger. By reading this blog, you’ll develop successful copywriting skills in no time.

Read first: The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy

copyblogger marketing blog

13. Ahrefs

This blog is about: SEO, content marketing, research

Why it’s good: Ahrefs shares the latest SEO hacks and complements these with original research worth pursuing.

Read first: How long does it take to rank in Google? (A study by Ahrefs)

ahrefs marketing blog

14. Backlinko

This blog is about: SEO, keyword research

Why it’s good: Backlinko’s knows for their in-depth guides that are always up do date. If you want to learn more about SEO, it’s a good place to start.

Read first: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List

backlinko blog

15. Copy Hackers

This blog is about: Content marketing, copywriting, marketing psychology

Why it’s good: Copy Hackers publishes lots of original content around copywriting for various marketing channels. They’re often the first to cover new exciting topics.

Read first: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Facebook Ads

copyhackers marketing blog

Quick Recap

There you go – this was the rundown of all my favourite marketing blogs.

For quick reference, here are all the blogs with links once more:

Ideas & inspiration: Contently | Harvard Business Review | Inside Intercom

PPC: KlientBoost | Jon Loomer | AdEspressoWordStream | Kissmetrics | Quicksprout |

Growth & Analysis: Hiten Shah | ConversionXL | Unbounce | Avinash Kaushik

Content Marketing & SEO: Copyblogger | Ahrefs | Backlinko | Copy Hackers


P.S. what’s in your weekend reading or podcasting list?