Are you looking for the ultimate inspiration for your next Meta ad campaign? Look no further! This comprehensive gallery of Facebook ad examples features over 200+ examples of the best Facebook ads from leading brands.

When working on my clients’ Facebook advertising campaigns, I’ve made it a habit to always check out what other companies are doing. Since 2018, I’ve taken screenshots whenever I see an inspiring example of Facebook ads.

In this guide, I’ll share my favorite ad screenshots with you and give you the inside scoop on the latest trends in Facebook advertising. From video-format brand awareness campaigns to conversion-optimized static visuals… You name it!

BUT! A Moomin GIF first! 😇

moomin gif

💫 2023 update! 💫

Doing the roundup of the latest top Meta ad examples is one of my favorite tasks in January.

When researching this year’s winner, I went through 50+ brands’ Facebook Ad Library pages.

Here are the 3 key trends that I noticed in 2023 Facebook ad creatives:

  1. Brands are sooo slow to update their creatives – many brands run the exact same ads as in 2022. While these creatives may have performed really well, testing a new creative idea biweekly would certainly yield even better results.
  2. There are even more portrait-story format ads – some B2C brands have nearly given up on the Feed ad placements and bet big on Stories and Reels. Naturally, all portrait-format ads should be videos.
  3. The UGC video ad trend – While promoting UGC (user-generated videos) is the #1 strategy on TikTok, it’s been only slowly adopted by Meta advertisers. In 2023, more brands will be collaborating with content creators to produce their video ads.

But hey, let’s cut the talk and let these smart Meta ads speak for themselves.

#1 Shopify

I chose this Facebook ad example by Spotify to open the roundup as it’s the epitome of the perfect ad creative in 2023.

It’s a video ad, it’s fast-paced and engaging, it features user-generated content, and it’s also showcasing the product later in the video.

#2 Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the brands I’ve been always following for the best video ad examples. In this simple video ad, they both tell an engaging story and illustrate how their product helps to improve the users’ everyday lives.

Tip: Keep in mind that having the best ad creatives is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition to having the best ad creatives, make sure to also get your Facebook ad campaign structure right.


It feels like the advertisements are getting more colorful and fast all across the board. Ikea’s taken the opposite approach. In the overloaded Facebook and Instagram feeds, this Ikea carousel ad will feel like a breadth of fresh air.

This ad creative is also the perfect proof that you don’t need a huge design team and fancy 3D animations to create a well-performing ad. A bit of creativity will do.

#4 Burger King

Ufff, such a boring ad example from Burger King, the master of creative advertising!

But the point is… Even brands with huge offline and online brand campaigns are using Meta to boost user acquisition. The trick of adding numbers – low prices, discount %, etc. – is not going anywhere in 2023.

As I already wrote in my Facebook Ad Design Hacks, showing some numbers in ad creatives always helps to get better campaign performance.

#5 Starbucks

A “best Facebook ad examples compilation” isn’t complete with a creative by Starbucks. I keep returning to this brand’s Ad Library page to gather inspiration. If there’s one advertiser that keeps continuously reinventing its ad visuals, it’s SB!

I chose this particular ad as I liked how it it combines the promotion of five different products in an single image. An idea to test in 2023! 😉

#6 Job Today

Time for some client appreciation! In 2022 and 2023, I’ve been helping Job Today with their growth marketing strategy and Facebook ads.

Together with their Brand team, we created a collection of 50+ different ad creatives in just two months. I find the video ad below to be a good example of how static ads can be turned into videos with reasonable effort and time.

#7 Canva

Testimonial ads aren’t going anywhere in 2023. There will only be more ways to visualize your user feedback: static ads like Canva’s, videos of user interviews, customer case studies, success stories, etc.

Testimonial and case study ads work well both in Prospecting and Remarketing stages, but you may want to create slightly different ad texts and CTAs for either option.

#8 Qminder

Client example vol 2! Here’s a Facebook ad example that we created together with Qminder, designed by yours truly. The ad text is simple and mentioning 2023 on the first week of the year makes the offer feel 110% timely. We also mentioned the main benefits and features of the product to explain how Qminder can help companies improve their visitor experience.

( + I sometimes feel that my job title is Graphic Designer rather than Growth Marketer.)

#9 ClickUp

Recently, ClickUp has become one of the main advertisers whose Ad Library page I check for B2B Facebook ad inspiration. From memes to high-quality testimonial videos, they’ve got all the best practices covered.

This particular example serves as a reminder to promote special offers and discounts and make this the focal point of your ad visual. So simple, so efficient.

#10 Vimeo

When creating video ads for Meta, remember to show your brand in the first 3 seconds and then keep the viewers hooked with fast movement. Check out other Vimeo ads for more examples of fast-paced, informative video ads that introduce the product and features.

That’s it, folks. I could make this article another 50 examples long but in the end, it’s all about what works for your brand. My recommendation for achieving success with your Meta ads in 2023 is to put more effort and time into creating top-notch visuals.

Browse the Ad Library (and this article) for endless inspiration.

💎 2022 update! 💎

Every year, I see an increasing number of brands using video-format ads. Another trend I’ve noticed is that brand awareness-style ads (featuring filmed video content similar to YouTube and TV ads) are en vogue. However, I still believe that Facebook ads that showcase numbers, products, and promotions will bring you the best ROI.

The following 10 Facebook ad examples feature the best static ad creatives from some of the world’s leading brands. Hope you’ll find some inspiration for revamping your own ad creatives!

If you’re working on eCommerce ads, see more examples here: eCommerce Ads Guide & 20 Ad Examples.

#1 AirHelp

There’s no more timely Facebook ad example to begin the 2022 showcase with than one advertising help with flight delays. :p

AirHelp’s ad hits right on the nerve: it asks a question that relevant audiences will identify with and offers a solution. Bonus points for mentioning the possible compensation amount.

airhelp facebook ad example

#2 Bolt

It was encouraging to see that since I left Bolt, there haven’t been many changes to the top-performing ad creatives. We kept the design minimal and catchy and it worked like a charm.

When adding new ad creatives to your campaigns, always leave on some high-performers. Why kill something that’s working?

bolt ad example 2022

#3 Starbucks

Starbucks’s ad is a great example of a simple static ad turned into a video. The only things animated in the visual are various coffee packs. You don’t need a huge budget to create video ads, just be creative.

facebook ad example 2022

#4 The Ordinary

Think that simply featuring your product on a white background looks boring? Possibly. But it works – the focus is just in the right element. Moreover, this ad will be highly visible in the image-heavy Facebook and Instagram feeds.

the ordinary facebook ad example

#5 Oreo

I’ve always returned to Oreo’s ads for inspiration – they’re always on-brand and the team keeps coming up with new cool ways to make people engage with their product.

oreo facebook ad example 2022

#6 Greenpeace

It’s hard to convince people to choose the ethical option. This Facebook ad by Greenpeace uses a soft shock tactic to raise awareness. Also, featuring media coverage of your product and brand is a smart way to add credibility to your message and mission.

greenpeace facebook ad example 2


Carousel ads are still a thing in 2022. Take this example by Ikea. I also like how they’ve managed to “brand” the regular-looking photos with a yellow line + in-image text. I bet this works much better than just a photo.

ikea facebook ad example

#8 Squarespace

Here’s one for the SaaS businesses. Instead of showing just a boring product interface, Squarespace shows the result of using their product. Also, using a textured background for a more interesting end result is a nice idea to test in 2022.

squarespace facebook ad example

#9 The New York Times

This ad serves as a good reminder that Facebook removed its 20% text limit already a couple of years ago. Using text-heavy ads with bright colors is an interesting way to catch people’s attention.

new york times facebook ad example

#10 La Roche-Posay

We’ll end the 2022 showcase with another ad from the beauty industry. Similarly to the afore-mentioned ad by The Ordinary, this Facebook creative features a single product on a white backdrop. Only they’ve added a promo offer and some text. Test with both options.

lpr facebook ad example

💎 2021 update! 💎

This year, when browsing the Facebook Ad Library for the best new static Facebook ad creatives, I noticed several trends: bold use of color and text as well as a more creative and fun approach to visual communication.

Here are the top 5 trends in Facebook ad creatives in 2021:

  1. All top brands use a mix of video and static ad creatives.
  2. Advertisers create all their ads in two formats: for the feed and story placements.
  3. There’s been a shift towards more colorful ads, introducing more flexibility in regards to the brand CVI.
  4. Many brands use automation tools to customize ads for specific locations or product groups.
  5. After Facebook removed the 20% text limit, more brands opt for big bold typography with text covering up to 90% of the visual.

#1 Gorillas

In 2021, the grocery delivery ups sprung up like mushrooms after rain. They all advertise pretty much the same message: Get your groceries delivered in 10 (or 15) minutes.

This ad example by Gorillas is exemplative of several design trends: eye-catching colors, bold typography, and a locally customized messaging. 

#2 Nike

Compared to boring product photos on white background (which Nike is also heavily advertising), this creative will attract much more attention in the Facebook feed full of photos and news articles.

If you’re creating ads for an eCommerce brand, test showcasing your products on a colorful backdrop instead of a plain white background.

nike facebook ad

#3 Canva

This Facebook ad by Canva manages to include two product screenshots AND a headline AND a CTA button. Props to their designers.

canva pro ad 2

 #4 Spotify

Spotify has been using colorful illustrations in their ad visuals for years, so they’re rather leading a trend than following it. In 2021, more brands have connected with designers to create custom illustrations to be used in social media and ad visuals.

As a fan of beautiful illustratorial work, I consider such ads to have a positive effect on the long-term brand perception, even if they may not perform as well CPA-wise as more plain and straightforward creatives.

spotify facebook ad example

#5 Restream

Restream’s ad comprises several visual trends: 3D illustrations, gradient color schemes, and bold typography. Moreover, the ad copy is short and straightworward, highlighting the top features and benefits of the product.

Discloser: I am currently working with Restream on their Facebook ad creatives and campaign management.

restream facebook ad example

#6 Bolt 

The advertising team in Bolt is one of the most performance-oriented that I’ve encountered, so checking their ads is a good way to uncover the latest Facebook advertising hacks and trends.

Bold typography, emphasizing relevant numbers, and customizing the ad to the location that they’re targeting help to attract the viewer’s attention as well as make them click and download the app to get the deal.

bolt facebook ad example 2

#7 Klarna

If you want your Facebook ad to feature a photo, try applying it inside a geometrical shape and adding some colorful background. Much more visible and efficient than a basic picture.

klarna facebook ad example

#8 Starbucks

Similar to the Nike ad above, Starbucks is placing their products on backdrops bursting with color. That’s been a strategy used by the coffee brand for several years already, so something about it must work.

starbucks facebook ad example

#9 Squarespace

This text-only ad by Squarespace inspired me to test a similar aesthetic approach with several of my clients. In most cases, ads with heavy text performed surprisingly well. 

Now that Facebook is not disapproving text-heavy ads anymore, it is worth testing a simple ad with colorful background and well-chosen bold fonts. Add some emojis, highlighted words or illustrations to make your ad more interesting.

facebook ad squarespace

#10 Revolut

Contrary to most advertisers avoiding dark creatives, Revolut’s going against the flow.

However, I’d recommend to first test dark-shaded ads against light and colorful ones and only doubling down on those once you see that they perform well. In my experience, light-backgrounded and colorful ads outperform very dark creatives.

revolut fb ad

#11 Snickers

If you’re advertising to millennials and even younger audiences, check out what Snickers is doing with their ads. The creativity of their creative agencies seems to be boundless. Or maybe they just ate a Snickers…

snickers facebook ad example

#12 Gorillas

Another strong Facebook ad example by Gorillas, this time centering the visual around number 10 – this is how much it’s supposed to take to get your groceries delivered.

gorillas facebook ad example

#13 VanMoof

There are three things that make this ad rather smart: the use of strangely positioned bike, light colors, and customized location in the in-image headline. As a combination, I’d assume it performs rather well for them.

van moof facebook ad example

#14 COS

Sales ads do not have to look cheap. COS has found a way for to get their -50% sales promotion across in a simple and arguably stylish way.

cos facebook ad

#15 McDonald’s

We’ll end the 2021 ad example showdown with an ad by McDonald’s. First of all, offering to give anything away for free always gets people clicking. But also, the 3D typography and custom illustrations make the ad look much nicer than a photoshopped burger picture would. 

Colors, illustrations, bold typography… What a 2021-trendy ad.

mcdonalds facebook ad example

🎈2020 update! 🎈

To keep this article from becoming too heavy to load, we added 18 new Facebook ad examples from 2020 to another page. Check them out here.

⭐ 2019 update! ⭐

We’ve added 20 new screenshots and GIFs of Facebook ads on top of the 142 examples shown already.

Looking for Instagram ad examples instead? Here are 84 best Instagram ad examples and 40 good examples of Instagram story ads.

As you work through this article, you will:

  • Have a better sense of what’s working
  • Have many new ideas for improving your Facebook ads
  • Feel inspired to set up new types of ad campaigns

How to find Facebook ad examples?

If the 162 ad creatives showcased in this guide are not enough for you or you want to see more ads from a specific brand, you can easily do it.

In 2019, Facebook released their Ads Library to create additional transparency around the ads any specific Facebook page is promoting.

You can type in any brand name and pick a location to see what ads they’re running.

facebook ads library
See which ads the Facebook pages are running

Truth be told, I’ve tested out the Ads Library on many occasions and seen that only a fraction of all the live ad creatives are visible there (when comparing to the ads I know a brand I’m working with is running or the ads I’ve been shown by specific brand in my Facebook Feed.) But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Also, AdEspresso used to have an Ads Gallery that showed thousands of Facebook ad creatives. As of July 2019, they have closed it down. 

All of the Facebook ad examples that you see here are original screenshots from my Facebook feed or from the Facebook advertising audits I’ve done, AdEspresso Ads Gallery and Facebook Ads Library. These Facebook ads’ size is usually 1200 x 628 pixels or 1080 x 1080 pixels for square creatives. 

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NEW 20 Facebook ad examples, 2019 edition

#1: DoorDash

doordash ad
It’s a growing trend to run creative Facebook ads

#2: Calm

calm app ad
A good example of creating trust in the brand

#3: Oatly

oatly facebook post example
It’s a post, really, but Oatly’s copywriter is amazing

#4: Design Pickle

design pickle ad
Test video ads on top of running static ads

#5: Bolt

bolt facebook ad example
One of the recent creatives we tested in Bolt

#6: Mailchimp

mailchimp facebook ad
MailChimp’s ad definitely catches the eye

#7: Finnish Design Shop

finnish design shop ad
Include product prices when advertising your online store

#8: Slack

slack facebook ad example
Slack’s ad emphasizes their app’s benefit

#9: Hired

hired facebook ad example
Hired uses Facebook ads to increase their report’s reach

#10: PayPal

paypal facebook ad
Place the most important copy in the ad image

#11: Lyft

lyft video ad example
This video ad by Lyft tells a quick relatable story

#12: Blinkist

blinkist facebook ad
Test carousel ads in addition to single image ads

#13: Ben & Jerry’s

ben & jerry's
Sometimes, a high-quality product image may work well

#14: Holini

holini facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Did you notice the “? link” in the ad copy? Adding an extra link for people to click on can increase your Facebook ad’s CTR. + Holini’s also smart about their ad design – use a custom colour filter to turn any stock image into a branded image.


#15: Intercom

intercom facebook ad template


#16: Shopify

shopify ad

#17: The New York Times

nytimes ad

#18: Asana

Asana ad

#19: Starbucks

starbucks ad

#20: Warby Parker

warby parker ad

When browsing for new ad examples for the 2019 update, I noticed a few things:

  1. An increasing number of advertisers are running video ads – of all the brands I checked out in the Facebook Ads Library, 9/10 had video ads running.
  2. Instagram Stories placement is still strongly underused – while Facebook has told that Stories will soon have more views than regular Instagram posts, only 3/10 advertisers had portrait-format Instagram Stories creatives.
  3. The best practices haven’t really changed – while there’s a growing trend in colorful and “artsy” ads, the main hacks have remained unchanged: add copy in the ad image, keep it short and catchy, have a clear call-to-action, and so on.

142 Facebook ad examples, 2018 edition

#1: MOO

moo facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

The bright Facebook ad design immediately catches people’s attention + the ad’s headline says clearly what it is they’re selling. When creating Facebook ad images, it’s always a good idea to use an original photo or animation – it’s an easy way to catch people’s attention and show off your branding.

#2: Pipedrive

pipedrive facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

The in-image copy makes sure the most important copy gets immediately seen + a CTA button hints people can click on the ad. Pipedrive’s SaaS Facebook ad also makes it easy to understand what product they’re selling – it’s made loud and clear in the ad image, main text, headline, and link description. (Look at it as an interesting use of repetitive yet efficient messaging.)

#3: MindTitan

mindtitan facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This ad example uses the carousel format that lets you add up to 10 images into a single ad (the perfect way of showcasing your products / telling a story) + the ad’s design has an eye-catching contrast to it. You can use Facebook carousel ads to tell a story, showcase your products, or list the benefits to customers (as MindTitan’s ad does).

Full disclosure: MindTitan’s one of my clients ATM.

#4: PayPal

paypal facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

The icons help to convey the message and make PayPal’s ad a little more engaging, leading to lower Facebook ads cost. A common line between great Facebook ad examples is their masterful use of colour and minimal design.

#5: Canva

canva facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Canva’s ad is fun and simple at the same time. When you think about your Facebook feed, it’s usually filled with photos. Using a white colourful Facebook ad design helps to get your ad noticed.

#6: Shopify

shopify ad

What makes this ad so good:

Not all Facebook ads are focused on sales. This example by Shopify is using Facebook to share their blog content and increase brand awareness.

#7: Autopilot

autopilot Facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Autopilot ad is a great example of SaaS marketing done right. The text lists their product’s benefits while the carousel’s images showcase their product views and features. As a result, this Facebook ad informs the viewer about Autopilot’s product even before they visit the website.

#8: Zendesk

zendesk facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

The striking minimalism of this ad makes sure people will immediately realize what the product and offer (Try Zendesk Chat) are about. This ad would make for a great remarketing ad for people already familiar with the brand.

#9: Google

google facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Did you know you can also add videos to your carousel ads? I’ve seen this approach work well for SaaS Facebook ads as it makes an otherwise boring product screenshot come to life.

#10: GoPro

gopro facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

If you’ve recently launched a new product, you could create a Facebook Custom Audience and advertise it to the existing customer base. How to get them to buy your newest product – offer a trade-up like GoPro.

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#11: Hootsuite

hootsuite facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Limited-time offers create a sense of FOMO and make people act quicker (= more signups in a smaller timeframe). When advertising limited-time offers, make sure your campaign budget’s big enough to quickly reach all your audience members.

#12: Teabox

Teabox facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Teabox’s Facebook video ad example tells a story while also informing people about their upcoming sale. Presale countdown Facebook ads are a great way to build up some hype and get people to save the date.

#13: Leadpages

Leadpages ad

What makes this ad so good:

If you’ve got some impressive numbers up on your sleeve, why not share these in your Facebook ad. From the no. of users to the no. of people benefitting from your product, mentioning them helps to create more trust in your brand.

#14: OptinMonster


What makes this ad so good:

OptinMonster’s Facebook ad example gives a visual clue to the benefit of their product. This ad certainly caught my attention.

Tip: if you’re doubting between multiple image options, you can always do some Facebook A/B testing to find out what works best.

#15: AWeber

aweber facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad isn’t trying to sell you anything. However, it’s asking people to take a fun survey and to submit their email to get their results. In the long term, this Facebook ad is bringing in many new email marketing leads – another interesting way of using Facebook ads as a PPC channel.

#16: Taxify

taxify facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Instead of using stock images or screenshots, you can use design tools like Illustrator and Sketch to create a more visual representation of your product. If you consider how crowded Facebook newsfeed is with photos, using a custom design will help you get higher CTRs. And using speed lines wouldn’t hurt, either.

#17: Cobiro

cobiro facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Cobiro’s Facebook ad is mentioning two well-known brands and even using Google AdWords’ logo. The reason this works is that people will feel more positive about this small brand as they like the bigger brands mentioned.

However, be careful with using other brands’ logos in your ads – you actually need their permission to do so.

#18: IKEA

ikea facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

The next time you need to announce your sales, instead of creating a complex ad image, simply lay your message out on a blank colourful background. IKEA’s Facebook ad is stunning in its simplicity and efficiency.

#19: Lyft

Lyft facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good: Well-chosen contrasting colours + straightforward in-image text. In addition, Lyft’s ad copy explains their offer more in detail for those interested.

#20: Soylent

soylent facebook ad

What makes this ad so good: Soylent’s listing all their product’s benefits in the ad copy. You too can use emojis and symbols to add special characters in your ad copy.
Here are some to get you started: ➕ ➡ ✓

#21: GitHub


What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad example by GitHub is one of my favourite latest finds. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the gradient background perfect.

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#22: SUMO

sumo ad

What makes this ad so good:

This ad looks like it’s part of a Facebook retargeting campaign promoting the the product to people who already tested SUMO’s products. If you’re able to create remarketing audiences of at least 100 people, it’s worth setting up a dedicated ad campaign.

#23: Venngage

venngage facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad is sharing an industry report. But before people can download it, they’re asked to submit their email address. + Mentioning the year of your content helps to show it’s relevant NOW.

#24: Drip

Drip facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

In addition to mentioning the magical word FREE, this Facebook ad example by Drip features a happy-person-photo. All things considered, people will feel more positive about the offer and associate the email course with positive results. A similar approach would also work well in Instagram campaigns.

#25: Asana


What makes this ad so good:

I’ve always been a huge fan of Asana’s colourful Facebook ads – they catch your attention right then and there. When designing your Facebook ads, put it some extra effort as your ad’s image is arguably its most important element (it’s the first thing people will notice).

#26: Allsaints

allsaints ad


#27: Happy Socks

happy socks facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

Instead of just promoting their product, Happy Socks is adding a small discount to their offer, making it a lot more attractive to potential buyers. A similar ad could also be used as a remarketing ad – if a website visitor didn’t make a purchase on their first visit, you can offer them a discount to incentivize them to return.

#28: Inkbox

inkbox facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad copy delivers only the most important information. However, Inkbox’s ad text shows that they’ve perfectly understood their product’s key benefits for the customers.

#29: Adobe Stock

adobe stock facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

Another easy way to add a layer of branding on a stock photo is to darken the background image and place your logo over the image. This way, you’ll also increase people’s awareness of your logo.

#30: Cleanly

Cleanly facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad reminds people of a common problem and offers a better solution. Using the “bad” and “good” comparison is a simple way to show people why your product’s beneficial to them.

#31: Hired

hired facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Hired’s Facebook ad example’s copy is actionable and tells exactly what people will get as they click on the ad.

#32: Kissmetrics

kissmetrics facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad example is all about the customer – you. “Get, keep, grow…” and other actionable verbs explain the products’ benefits. + the carousel’s symmetry is just spectacular.

#33: New Scientist

new scientist facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

When selling subscription services, you might want to first offer people a free or discounted trial period. Once they’re happy with what they see, you can upsell.

#34: Bloomberg Business

example of app install ad campaign

What makes this ad so good:

This example is a little bit different from the rest as it’s a Facebook app install ad.

One of the best practices when promoting a mobile app is to include the name of your app in the ad image. Moreover, to make it clear to people it’s an app, advertisers can include the App Store icons in the design.

#35: Amazon

amazon facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good: While this Facebook ad has a really strange headline, it could serve well as a remarketing ad for people interested in this particular product or other toys.

#36: Square

square facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Here’s another great example of Facebook carousel ad done right. Square is using the carousel’s cards to explain how their product works.

#37: HubSpot

This Facebook ad by HubSpot is a good example of the latest trend: placing the logo and simple text on a solid-color background.

hubspot facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

The best way to inform people about a discount is to place the -X% sign in the Facebook ad image. Overall, using numbers in your Facebook ads is always a good idea.

#38: Heap

heap saas facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

Heap’s Facebook ad is another good example of namedropping. One way to explain your new product to people is via another product they already know.

#39: Grammarly

grammarly facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

Grammarly’s Facebook ad makes a big promise: “Your Life’s About to Change.” Using this copy in the headline is sure to spark many people’s curiosity.

#40: Google

Google Facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Google’s Facebook ad is not really about their products. It’s about YOU. When creating ads, think about your customers instead of your product. What’s the unique value you can add to their lives?

#41: Dropbox

dropbox ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad mentions the size of Dropbox’s user base. If 90k people are already using it, it must be pretty good, right? When you’ve acquired enough customers, you can test a similar approach.

#42: Adidas

Adidas's ad

What makes this ad so good:

Here’s a great example of how to showcase your product in a simple yet creative way.


inbound facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad example is noteworthy for two reasons: First, how many Facebook ads have you seen that combine black-and-white with bright colours? Second, the ad’s headline addresses directly their core audience – marketers. A more personalized approach is also preferred when creating highly converting ad campaigns.

#44: The Kooples

The kooples facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

This is an example of Facebook dynamic product ads. Here’s how it works: you set up your product catalogue on Facebook and once a person views a particular item on your website, they’ll be shown a personalized retargeting ad with the very item. If you’re in eCommerce, this is your thing!

#45: MailChimp

Mailchimp facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

In addition to being an amazing email marketing tool, MailChimp’s ads also beam with authenticity. Using a custom design for your Facebook ads is always a preferred option (compared to generic stock images).

See how to set up low-budget Facebook ad campaigns without using boring stock images.

#46: Sleeknote

Sleeknote facebook ad

What makes this ad so good:

Sleeknote’s Facebook ad promises quantifiable results, giving a better sense of how much their product can improve your marketing results.

#47: Asos

asos facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

If you’re selling multiple products, use a carousel ad to show people all of them. Moreover, Asos’s ad is super simple, making a light and pleasant impression. Even the SALE sign isn’t too intrusive.

#48: Upwork

Upwork facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

This Facebook ad by Upwork is also focusing on solving a problem for the customers. When writing your Facebook ad headlines, try to use an actionable verb such a “Get” “Try” “Discover” to nudge people to take that action.

#49: ZenHub

zenhub facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

Lately, gradient’s made a comeback and is being used across websites, ads, and other branded material. If you haven’t tried a gradient Facebook ad yet, it’s time to do it.

#50: HubSpot

Hubspot facebook ad example

What makes this ad so good:

One way to get people read the full ad copy is to pose an interesting questions. HubSpot’s Facebook ad image asks “How well do you rank for SEO?” Now which marketers wouldn’t want to find out the answer?

#51: GetResponse

getresponse facebook ad example

#52: GraphicStock

graphic stock ad example

#53: Marvel

marvel facebook ad example

#54: Packlane

packlane facebook ad example

#55: Nike

Nike Facebook ad example

#56: Trapica

trapica Facebook ad example

#57: Yesware

yesware facebook ad example

#58: Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers ad

#59: Flywheel

Flywheel ad

#60: Leadpages

Leadpages ad

#61: Moz

Moz remarketing

#62: Sprinklr

sprinklr facebook ad

#63: The Econimist

the economist ad

#64: Tubular

Tubular facebook ad example

#65: WishLoop

WishLoop ad example

#66: AppExchange

appexchange ad

#67: AdStage

AdStage facebook ad

#68: Blue Bottle Coffee

blue bottle coffee ad

#69: Groupon


#70: Harvest

Harvest ad example

#71: Google Cloud

google cloud ad example

#72: Krowdster

krowdster ad

#73: Compass

Compass ad example

#74: Drift

drift facebook ad

#75: Eventbrite

eventbrite facebook ad

#76: CoSchedule

Coschedule facebook ad

#77: Dell

dell facebook ad

#78: Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime ad

#79: Autopilot

Autopilot facebook ad

#80: LinkedIn

LinkedIn ad

#81: MailChimp

MailChimp ad

#82: Plated

Plated facebook ad example

#83: Nike

Nike facebook ad

#84: FreshBooks

freshbooks saas facebook ad

#85: Amazon

Amazon ad example

#86: Facebook Blueprint

facebook blueprint ad

#87: Jobbatical

jobbatical facebook ad

#88: Harry’s

Harry's facebook ad

#89: Hired

hired facebook ad

#90: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft facebook ad example

#91: Clanbeat

clanbeat facebook ad

#92: Intercom

Intercom facebook ad

#93: Blue Apron

Blue Apron Facebook ad example

#94: 99designs

99designs facebook ad

#95: 17hats

17hats FB ad example

#96: WeWork

wework facebook ad

#97: ConvertKit

convertkit ad example

#98: Try The World

Try the world facebook ad

#99: Juicero

juicero facebook ad

#100: Squarespace

Squarespace facebook ad

#101: Omniconvert

omniconvert facebook ad

#102: Xero

xero facebook ad

#103: Adidas

adidas facebook ad example

#104: Airbnb

airbnb facebook ad

#105: Alexa

alexa facebook ad example

#106: Codeable

codeable facebook ad example

#107: G suite

g suite facebook ad

#108: MOJO Marketplace

mojo marketplace ad

#109: Nespresso

nespresso facebook ad example

#110: Peakon

peakon facebook ad

#111: Prisync

prisync facebook ad

#112: Shortlist Beauty

shortlist beauty facebook ad

#113: Sonarworks

sonarworks facebook ad

#114: Thrive Market

thrive facebook ad

#115: Topshop

topshop facebook ad

#116: Updatable

updatable facebook ad example

#117: Virgin America

virgin amerca facebook ad example

#118: Quickbooks

quickbooks facebook ad example

#119: New York Times

nyt facebook ad example

#120: Scoro

Scoro facebook ad

#121: TRIBE

#121: Tribetribe facebook ad example

#122: Topman

topman facebook ad example

#123: Dapulse

dapulse acebook ad example

#124: Allsaints

allsaints facebook ad example

#125: Bombas

bombas facebook ad example

#126: Tableau

tableau fb ad example

#127: Twilio

twilio facebook ad

#128: Grow

grow facebook ad

#129: App Academy

app academy facebook ad example

#130: Vestorly

vestorly facebook ad example

#131: AppSumo

appsumo facebook ad

#132: Ableton

ableton facebook ad

#133: Qwilr

qwilr facebook ad

#134: G2 Crowd

g2 crowd facebook ad example

#135: HubSpot

hubspot facebook ad

#136: AdEspresso

adespresso facebook ad example

#137: Gusto

gusto facebook ad example 2

#138: Dropbox

dropbox 3 fb ad example

#139: Figma

figma facebook ad example

#140: Unbounce

unbounce facebook ad example

#141: Wix

wix facebook ad example

#142: Thistle

Thistle facebook ad example

Aaand you’ve reached the end of this rundown.

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