How to find the best Instagram ad examples from TOP brands?

You could either…

  1. Create a personal Instagram account and start seeing ads
  2. Browse online ad galleries
  3. Read this article with 80+ Instagram ad examples

While browsing various ad examples, you will eventually reach another question: What makes the best Instagram ads so good?

There are several aspects:

  1. Your Instagram ad design must catch the viewer’s eyes.
  2. It’s best to follow Instagram ad size and specs best practices and create ads with the size of 1080×1080 px.
  3. Create a different ad for your Facebook and Instagram campaign (1200×628 px vs. 1080×1080 px).
  4. You must find a strong unique value proposition (USP).

As marketing legend David Ogilvy put it:

“If your advertising fails to get the message to the heads of people, your money’s wasted. And this is happening to millions of advertisers every day.”

So how can you create Instagram ads that won’t fail? – Check out the 84 ad examples in this article to get tens of new ideas for creating irresistible Instagram ads that will increase your sales.

How to use this article:

The first 10 ad examples come with an explanation of what makes them work – so that you can get a better overview of Instagram ad best practices.

While browsing all these examples, analyze:

  • What makes the ad’s design good?
  • What copywriting hacks could you copy?
  • How to apply these best practices to your campaigns?

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Ok? Let’s roll!

#1: The Economist

Economist instagram ad example

Economist’s Instagram ad is showcasing their product

What makes this ad good?

The Economist’s Instagram ad example showcases their magazine covers, letting the viewer immediately know what the product is. But instead of just showing the image, they have used ½ of the ad space to include a headline and a pricing point, making the ad more informative.

Key takeaways:

  • Showcase your product – people will immediately grasp what it is that you’re selling.
  • Add copy in your ad image – Consumer Acquisition found that images are responsible for 75%-90% of ad performance. It makes sense to add your USP in the image.
  • Don’t make your ad too text-heavy – Facebook is limiting the delivery of ads that have too much text in the image. Use the Facebook Text Overlay Tool to ensure your ad has low text density.

#2: HubSpot

Hubspot instagram ad example

HubSpot’s Instagram ad enchants with simplicity

What makes this ad good?

HubSpot’s Facebook ad is super simple – You could create it in under 1 minute by using Paint or Photoshop. However, the bright colours and copy will catch many people’s attention in the Instagram newsfeed. Think about it – the newsfeed is full of photos. This makes this ad example with simple background shine out.

Key takeaways:

  • Use bright colours – People’s brains are wired to notice bright colours and associate them with positive feelings.
  • Use simple ad design – In the crowded Instagram newsfeed, simplicity is often the key. Test ads that include only background + copy.
  • Use the correct ad size – We can’t help but wonder how much more efficient this ad would be when created as a square image… It would take up more space in the newsfeed, and draw even more attention.

#3: New York Times

New york times instagram ad example

NYT uses typography as design element

What makes this ad good?

This NYT Instagram ad is similar to the previous example in that it features a monochrome background with copy. However, this ad has taken a couple of steps further, playing with typography and including the brand’s logo. Also, the ad size is 1080×1080 px, which is perfect for Instagram ads.

Key takeaways:

  • Use interesting typography – If you’re planning to include a lot of copy in your ad image, use eye-catching fonts to bring your ad to life.
  • Include your logo in the ad image – It will help to create higher brand awareness at no extra cost. Moreover, your logo can serve as a design element.
  • Use contrasting font colours – When using the background + copy ad design hack, make sure your background colour and font colours contrast each other. Otherwise, it will be difficult to read your ad’s copy.

#4: MeetFrank

MeetFrank’s ad uses custom design

What makes this ad good?

MeetFrank’s Instagram ad example uses a simple custom design which is highly efficient when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising. Moreover, the ad design features a growth curve which immediately draws the viewer’s attention. Not to mention showcasing numbers – another element that’s guaranteed to get more eyes on your Instagram ad.

Key takeaways:

  • Use symbols in your ad design – Including positive symbols such as a growth curve in your ad design will make your audience remember you with positive emotions.
  • Include numbers in your ad design – Research shows that by starting your headline with a number, you’re 36% more likely to have people click on your ads. Numbers draw attention.
  • Address your users in the ad – By asking “UI/UX DEsigner” in the image, MeetFrank’s ad gets the attention of everyone who feels themselves addressed.

#5: Rains

Rains instagram ad

Rains’ Instagram ad features high-quality photos

What makes this ad good?

Being an apparel brand, it’s increasingly important for Rains to show their product in the best light. To showcase their products, Rains has created an Instagram carousel ad that features 3 different images (notice the three blue dots under the ad image). Moreover, the ad image’s size is in an interesting format, resembling a portrait photo rather than square image.

Key takeaways:

  • Create Instagram carousel ads – Include more than one image in your ad to show multiple products within a single ad.
  • Use professional photographs – If you’re planning to advertise a photo ad image, make sure these look professional. You can hire a photographer to help you out.
  • Test portrait images – Instagram allows advertisers to set up ad images in portrait formats. Use this option to take up more space in the newsfeed.

#6: Zaful

zaful instagram ad

Zaful’s ad uses an interesting mosaic style

What makes this ad good?

This Instagram ad example by Zaful caught our eye due to the original way of dividing the ad image into several pictures, creating a mosaic effect. That’s a smart idea to showcase different sides/elements of your product in a single ad image. You can also use it as a Facebook advertising hack.

Key takeaways:

  • Test mosaic images – If you want to show multiple aspects of your product, test dividing your ad image into multiple image blocks.
  • Combine mosaics with carousel ads – You could use the mosaic-style image as the first card in your Instagram carousel ad, and then include each mosaic image in a closeup as individual carousel ad images.
  • Use hashtags – Instagram is all about hashtags. Did you notice the #FreeShipping hashtag in the ad text? Using hashtags will make your ad feel more like it belongs on Instagram.

#6: The Dots

best instagram ad example

Dots’ ad combines image and text

What makes this ad good?

The Dots’ Instagram ad combines a colourful background image with in-image value proposition. While the in-image copy is a little bit difficult to read due to low contrast, it looks sleek and in balance with other ad elements.

Key takeaways:

  • If you use stock photos, use good ones – Sometimes, it pays off to use a stock photo in your Instagram ads. However, do not include an overused free stock photo. Make sure people haven’t seen your ad image before.
  • Mention your customers – Listing your well-know business customers’ names in the ad copy helps to increase trust in your brand. Note that this tactic requires the approval from your clients.
  • Select the right call-to-action – Instagram allows you to select between several CTAs. Use the call-to-action that’s closest to your goal (if you want people to buy something, use the “Shop Now” CTA, etc.)

#7: The Kooples

instagram ad example

The Kooples’ Instagram ad is a carousel ad

What makes this ad good?

Here’s another Instagram ad example featuring apparel. Notice how the photographs have been taken by a professional photographer, showing the clothes in good light. Moreover, the ad copy lets the viewer know that there’s a SALE going on, increasing the ad’s click-through rate.

Key takeaways:

  • Use emojis – Include emojis in your ad copy to make your ads more interesting. Read how to use emojis in your Facebook ads.
  • Add up to 10 carousel cards – Do not limit yourself to 2-3 carousel ad cards – you can add up to 10.
  • Add a different link to each image – When setting up your carousel ads, you can make each image to direct to a different link. Use this option to direct people to the correct product’s landing page.

#8: 8fit

instagram ad example

8fit’s Instagram ad image reminds of health bloggers’ style

What makes this ad good?

8fit’s Instagram ad image looks like it’s taken directly from a health blogger’s Instagram page. That’s the key to their potential audience’s hearts. If you’re advertising a lifestyle brand, use images that showcase your product in normal settings, so that people can imagine themselves using it.

Key takeaways:

  • Copy successful Instagram accounts – No, we’re not suggesting that you copy their posts one-to-one. That would be plagiarism. But do copy them in terms of style.
  • Write actionable ad copy – Use words like “Use,” “Get,” “Start,” etc. to indicate that people are supposed to take action on your Instagram ad.

#9: MindTitan

MindTitan instagram ad example

MindTitan’s using Instagram ads for hiring

What makes this ad good?

This Instagram ad example by MindTitan is not here to sell – it’s focused on attracting talent and getting them to join the company. Instagram is a great platform for advertising your job offers – an opportunity that’s often overlooked by companies. Moreover, the ad states a question in the ad image, nudging people’s minds to answer “Yes” or “No,” and getting them engaged in the first few seconds.

Key takeaways:

  • Test Instagram ads for hiring – In addition to promoting your product on Instagram, you can use it to reach talented people.
  • Ask a question in the ad image – This will get more people hooked to your Instagram ad, and they will also read the rest of your ad copy.
  • Use branded ad design – If you want your ads to be associated with your brand, it’s a good idea to create Instagram ad images that use your branded colours and design elements.

#10: Facebook Audience Network

Facebook instagram ad example

This ad is promoting an article, i.e. doing content marketing

What makes this ad good?

Instead of trying to sell you anything, this Instagram ad starts with a content marketing offer – an informative article. Facebook Audience Network is using the Instagram ad to keep their customers – marketers – informed about the upcoming features and changes.

Key takeaways:

  • Use Instagram ads for promoting content – Especially in B2B sales, it’s important to start with a soft sell, and slowly turn your leads into paying customers.
  • Mix icons and symbols – An easy way to create a custom Instagram ad design is to download some free icons and symbols and use Illustrator or Photoshop to mix them together into a good-looking ad image.

If you want to learn more about Instagram advertising, check out this in-depth guide: Instagram Advertising – Always Up-to-date Guide (2018 Edition)

#11: UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub Instagram ad


#12: Airbnb

Instagram ad example


#13: Blinkist

Instagram ad example


#14: Poketo

Instagram ad examples


#15: Brooklinen

Instagram ad example


#16: Foreo

Foreo Instagram ad example


#17: Cofounders Lab

Instagram ad example

Cofounders Lab

#18: Squarespace

Instagram ad example


#19: Deloitte Baltics

Instagram ad example

Deloitte Baltics

#20: The Dots

Instagram ad example

the Dots

#21: Kickstarter

Instagram ad example


#22: Facebook Marketing Developers

Instagram ad example

Facebook marketing developers

#23: Workplace by Facebook

Instagram ad example

Workplace by Facebook

#24: Ohheygirl Store

Instagram ad example

Ohheygirl Store

#25: Folsom & Co

Instagram ad example

Folsom & Co

#26: Freefly Systems

Freefly systems Instagram ad

Freefly Systems

#27: Getdesignrr

Instagram ad


#28: Gurushots

Instagram ad


#29: Harvard Business Review

Instagram ad

Harvard Business Review

#30: Hisuperhi

Instagram ad


#31: H&M

Instagram ad


#32: Hyatt

Instagram ad


#33: Inch2

Instagram ad


#34: Jason Squire smm

Jason Squire smm instagram ad

Jason Squire smm

#35: Jon Loomer

instagram ad example

Jon Loomer

#36: British Journal of Photography

instagram ad example

British Journal of Photography

#37: Aceroix

instagram ad example


canva instagram ads tool

#38: Architonicag

instagram ad example


#39: Asanarebel

instagram ad example


#40: Alex la Rigato

instagram ad example

Alex la Rigato

#41: Udemy

Udemy instagram ad example


#42: Alexander Wang NY

instagram ad example

Alexander Wang NY

#43: Azalea’s Boutique

instagram ad example

Azalea’s Boutique

#44: LIFT99

instagram ad example


#45: Makery

instagram ad example


#46: Masterclass

instagram ad example


#47: Flachsmann Watches

Flachsmann Watches instagram ad example

Flachsmann Watches

#48: Gagosian Gallery

instagram ad

Gagosian Gallery

#49: Nortal

instagram ad


#50: Nosto

instagram ad


#51: Olive Clothing

instagram ad

Olive Clothing

#52: Onelive

instagram ad


#53: Cbyloredanapinasco

Cbyloredanapinasco instagram ad


#54: Origin

Origin instagram ad example


#55: Out in London

Out in London instagram ad example

Out in London

#56: Paradise Amsterdam

instagram ad example

Paradise Amsterdam

#57: Parts of 4

instagram ad example

Parts of 4

#58: Pelacase

instagram ad example


#59: Pexel Photos

Pexel instagram ad example

Pexel Photos

#60:Black Mirror Fans

instagram ad example

Black Mirror Fans

#61: Rains

Rains instagram ad


#62: Reserved

instagram ad


#63: Rise of the Kings

instagram ad

Rise of the Kings

#64: Scoro

Scoro instagram ad


#65: Frontrow



#66: Shopify

Shopify instagram ad example


#67: STAC

stac instagram ad


#68: Stitch and Story

instagram ad example

Stitch and Story

#69: Studio Living

instagram ad example

Studio Living

#70: Bold Tuesday

instagram ad

Bold Tuesday

#71: Sugar and Cotton

instagram ad example

Sugar and Cotton

#73: Taxify

Taxify instagram ad


#74: Tentree

instagram ad example


#75: The Horse

the horse instagram ad example

The Horse

#76: Trvl

trvl instagram ad


#77: Two Dots

instagram ad example

Two Dots

#78: Udemy

Udemy instagram ad example


#79: Venngage

venngage instagram ad example


#80: Vidcon

instagram ad


#81: Mvmforher

instagram ad


#82: Web Summit

instagram ad example

Web Summit

#83: Wizzair

instagram ad example


#84: Your Plug Clothing

instagram ad example

Your Plug Clothing


Now that you’ve quickly scrolled through all the Instagram ad examples in this article, you definitely have some great new ideas.

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